Music Doctor DJ
Disc Jockey Service
Thornton / Boulder / Longmont / Denver, Colorado

Looking for the lowest priced DJ?

Then 'The Music Doctor DJ Service' is probably not for you!

'The Music Doctor' is not the most expensive service you'll find out there,
I am by far not the cheapest, either!

When people are shopping for DJ's by price alone, they will usually get what they paid for!

Which is normally a great big disappointment!

Unfortunately, once your event is over . . . it is too late to make it right!

'The Music Doctor DJ' you won't get a high school kid wearing shorts and a tee shirt with a lot of hip hop and head-banging music, or a sound system that came directly from someone's bedroom!

Or perhaps a DJ that collects your retainer fee, but doesn't bother to show up for your event . . . and keeps your money!

You'll get me,
'The Music Doctor DJ', with 26 years of practical experience, professional sound equipment, over 35 years of collecting music, and backup sound equipment to cover unexpected problems!

You'll get planning of your event that only experience can give you!

When you hire
'The Music Doctor DJ', you'll get what you really want, not what the cheapest price will get you!

And you'll get what you expect for your event . . . a memorable day!

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